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Опубликовано: 26.06.2017

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DIY No Sew Valance Tutorial


Pretty amazing designs, huh?

The pelmets that I have run across today are a far cry from the rage of the super padded Laura Ashley floral pelment/главнаяs that мейд me cringe back then.  I remember seeing them in almost every home back then (when I was just a baby **wink**) and not quite seeing the appeal.  It doesn’t help that these pelmets were part of the trend of layering bold floral wallpaper, floral upholstery, floral drapes and then throw in a shoulder pad like floral pelmet.

After seeing the pelmets that are being designed today, I was inspired enough to overcome my pelmet flashbacks.   I decided that the solution to my super narrow window problem could be in the form of a pelmet.

Here were the before pictures of my weird windows:



Initially, my plan was to create the pelmet box with molding and then paint it the same color of my wall, so it would just fade into the wall.  I realized that if I could cover up the top part of the windows, I could make the box wider than the window itself, which would solve my problem by making the windows look wider by adding drapes.

This pelmet was my inspiration for the molding idea:


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